one year ago

Walk in their Shoes

by Carolyn Kell

Walk in their Shoes

For those of us who have never “walked in their shoes,” we probably have a hard time understanding what life is like for a person who lives in poverty. The Cost of Poverty Experience, or COPE, is a three-hour interactive event that offers a glimpse into the lives of low-income individuals and families living in the community.

Inter-Faith Ministries staff and Board of Directors will host the workshop 9 am – noon, Saturday, May 5 at Towne West Square.

COPE offers a snapshot of the obstacles faced, the decisions made, and the consequences that impact families every day. COPE also reveals how the policies and systems within our community help, or hinder, the progress of these families.

COPE represents the lives of REAL families who live in poverty and have graciously shared their stories so that people across the country can be exposed to REAL people, REAL situations, and REAL barriers that exist.

COPE is part of IFM’s Building a Better Community series. Building a Better Community events cover topics such as poverty, intolerance, hate crime and other issues that affect the community and the people in it.

COPE is free, but registration is required and participation is limited. Follow this link to register.

Program Center, 829 N Market, Wichita, KS 67214|(316) 264-9303