Procurement Standards

  • Procurement procedures will adhere to all applicable State and local laws and regulations in accordance with receiving federal funding for all programs of Inter-Faith Ministries – Wichita, Inc. (IFM) and/or Inter-Faith Development Corp. (IFDC)
  • IFM and IFDC will maintain a written code of standards of conduct governing the performance of employees engaged in the award and administration of contracts.
  • No employee, officer or agent of IFM and IFDC shall participate in selection, or in the award or administration of a contract supported by Federal funds if a conflict of interest, real or apparent, will be involved. A conflict of interest is defined as:

    Any IFM and/or IFDC officer, employee, or agent, any member of his/her immediate family, his/her partner, or organization that employs, or is about to employ, has a financial or other interest in the firm selected for the award.

  • No employee, officer or agency of IFM and IFDC will solicit or accept gratuities, favors or anything of monetary value from contractors, potential contractors, or parties to sub-contractors.
  • IFM and IFDC Audit Committees will review each instance individually to determine when the financial interest is not substantial or the gift is an unsolicited item of nominal intrinsic value.
  • Violations of IFM and IFDC Standards of Conduct by officers, employees, or contractors or their agents, will be addressed (to the extent permitted by State or local law or regulations) with penalties, sanctions or other disciplinary actions.
  • All purchases by officers, employees or contractors will be approved by the Board of Directors and/or Executive Director and/or Director of Finance prior to purchase. A written request will be initiated and approved prior to purchase.
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