one year ago

From homeless to housed

Jan 23, 2017   |   Suzy Abdelfarag

VISTA Fellow Suzy Abdelfarag writes about some of our residents.

Gracen is 60 years old. He has been coming regularly to the Emergency Winter Shelter (EWS) for almost three years now. Throughout the course of his homeless status, in addition to the EWS, Gracen has stayed at Inter-Faith Villa Central Apartments and Inter-Faith Inn, as well as the Union Rescue Mission.

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2 years ago

We must see ourselves in these people’s eyes

Mar 15, 2016   |   Jenna Farhat

The rampant misconceptions surrounding homelessness and the life circumstances that put homeless individuals in the situations they are in plague the homeless community and immobilize us from working towards a solution. Read more »

3 years ago

Joe Stumpe’s Operation Holiday

Nov 23, 2015   |   Joe Stumpe

Joe Stumpe's Operation Holiday

When we asked Joe Stumpe to put together a holiday meal using the things an average family of four receives through Operation Holiday he immediately accepted the challenge, and even got his class in the Butler Community College Culinary Arts program to assist. The results were impressive, plentiful and delicious! 

He shared the experience and some recipes in the Wichita Eagle's Neighbors section. Now if I could just get an invitation to Christmas dinner at his house so I don't have to actually cook them to enjoy them!

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3 years ago

It is a tough job

Oct 5, 2015   |   Kathleen Webb

I was definitely surprised to read recently that 90% of pastors believe the ministry was completely different than what they expected after first starting their careers.  Read more »

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