2 years ago

It Is a Tough Job

May 23, 2015   |   Kathleen Webb

I was definitely surprised to read that 90% of pastors believe the ministry was completely different than what they expected after first starting their careers. 70% of surveyed pastors reported lower self- image now than when first starting their ministry. 40% of pastors said they have considered leaving their pastorates in the last three months. Weariness was also a challenge, with 70% feeling God called them to pastoral ministry before starting their careers, but after three years of ministry, only 50% still felt called to the work. Read more »

2 years ago

Meet the Team

May 23, 2015   |   Carolyn Kell

It’s wonderful working for an organization full of people with ideas, opinions, and, most importantly, the talent to express them. Of course, that begs the question of why it took so long to start a blog? I could trot out all the excuses, but since you have probably used them yourself I won’t bother. Instead I’ll just say that I’m thrilled Inter-Faith Ministries has finally started a blog. We really do have a talented group of people, and many of us are well known for having opinions about everything. While we’ll have guest bloggers from time to time, these are the people who will most often be contributing in this space. Read more »

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