Our Mission

Inter-Faith Ministries builds a strong community by facilitating interreligious collaboration, encouraging understanding, and providing basic human needs.


When I moved into the Inter-Faith Inn, I told one of the staff members ‘I used to be a chef.’ Her immediate reply was, “You still are a chef.” That response helped me remember the person I am doesn’t change with my circumstances. I am grateful to Inter-Faith Ministries for helping me recapture my life, my enthusiasm and pride in my profession, and giving me a place to live and the guidance I needed to get on my feet and in the kitchen again.”


When I first got to Inter-Faith Inn, I was just looking for a place to get out of the cold. The more involved I got, the more I found out I could get help. Talking with Sandy and the staff here, I found out there were things I could do for myself I didn’t know about. If you have a positive attitude and don’t want to be homeless anymore, this place can help you change your life and move forward instead of being stuck in a rut. I thank God for this place. It has more or less saved my life.


A childhood of physical and verbal abuse made me doubt my self worth, created anxiety and resulted in several stays in a psychiatric hospital. I turned to Inter-Faith Ministries for help, first staying in the Warming Souls Winter Shelter and then getting a bed at Inter-Faith Inn. With the help of IFM, I am now living on my own for the first time in my own apartment, looking for a part time job and eagerly planning to return to college to pursue a career in law enforcement.

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